Howard has always had a deep love for nature .He paints in oil, with a palette 

knife and applies many layers stressing his love of color.In this manner his 

paintings have adeep texture which gives the paintings a three dimensional 

appearance.The paintings are not done ina manner striving for realism

but provide an artistic rendition of the subject  matter.Howard has been

painting seriously for nine years.He has received several awards and has 

shown his work in several showsHe was previously an electronics

 engineer at a medical firm where he developed a patent and then went to work at the JET PROPUSION LAB as engineer and manager on the U.S .

space program.He then moved to  RENO  and owened and operated

two florist shops.He started  painting in earnest after he retired.

He can be reached at 775-322=6386 or at hfhowie@charter.net

his web site is "PAINTINGSBY HOWARD .COM"